The Mentor

Mixed media art classes are unique, but I am not the first to teach it; I am not the first to make a business out of my passion. I am not even first to take a leap of faith into this wonderful entrepreneur life-style. I have a mentor.

I have been watching and learning from Lannette for years. I watched her go from simply painting and teaching to opening her own Abundant Faith studio. As I began to take my baby steps of courage, Lannette has been there to show me the ropes. She knew how scary the baby steps can be. She encouraged me. She checked in. She commented and complimented my work and my attitude. Lannette cheered me on.  

As my stride got longer and stretched me further, Lannette has been there to support me in very practical ways too. She invited me to visit her studio; to let me see and touch what my dream might become. Lannette let me watch her teach and allowed me to teach a class in her studio. She helped me finalize my business logo; turning it from a conceptual doodle to a professional reality. This beautiful mentor pushed me further by immediately helping me to order business cards and a banner so I had something to share. Before I left her studio, I also had beautiful painting aprons with this new logo and a professionally placed decal on the back of my car.

That decal (my logo) has been seen all across Washington state! I hand out business cards to everyone I know or meet. Lannette may be on the other side of the state, but she is always in my computer. She continues to offer guidance and encouragement with each step I take. She prays for me and models a faithful life. She models a faith-filled business and open hearted journey. With God, anything is possible. With a godly mentor, possible is within reach.