Prove Them All Right

Songs are powerful, moving, and can trigger some incredible emotions. I have been moved to gushing tears, screaming, praying, and dancing by a song. Some songs make me feel strong while others make me feel silly. I feel especially silly when I get the words to a song, wrong. This is one of those wrong words stories. 

My husband Joe was listening to "Fight Song" by Rachel Platten. He heard a line that said "Prove them all right" that made him think of me. Joe was moved. He went on to explain that he wants to see me succeed. He believes in me and knows that I am supported by others who would also love to see me succeed.

Joe wants me to prove him right. He wants me to prove everyone right by being successful. Joe went on to tell me how he noticed that proving people wrong is popular. It is motivating. But this song made him think maybe we can change our attitude. Maybe we can support each other and set out to make each other proud of our accomplishments. 

What a beautiful world that would be... filled with so much support and encouragement that we wanted to prove each other to be right. Well, my husband might have misheard the line in the song... the actual lyric is "prove I'm alright", but I will forever sing "prove them all right". I am choosing to believe in myself and I want to prove Joe right.